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Affiliate Program

The Bravest Decals Affiliate Program

Have a website, blog, or facebook page and want to make a little extra cash? Register to be an affiliate today!


 Don't know what an affiliate is? It's very simple!

1. Register with us below and receive a unique URL to track the customers that you send us.
2. Embed your unique URL in links to products from our site on your blogs, websites, and Facebook pages.
3. You are now entitled to a 10% commission on the completed sales of all the customers that visit our page through your links.
See more quick tips at the bottom of the page


Fill out the form below. Once one of our team reviews the application, you will be sent an email with a link to activate your account. Once your account is set up, you will receive a unique web link. This link is your ticket to a 10% commission on all completed sales that follow through your links.

****NOTE**** A PayPal Account is required to receive payments for conversions

Quick Tips:

To direct visitors to the main page, Just copy your affiliate link:

To direct customers to a specific product, follow these steps below:

1. Navigate to the product you would like to link, and copy the URL:

2. Go back to your dashboard, and click "Generate a Custom Link":

3. Paste the product URL in the text box:

4. Click "Create Link"

5. Now Copy your new link